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1 Who we are

Established in 1957, Manfra, Tordella, and Brookes is the oldest name in precious metals coins in the United States. In addition to its historical foothold in the market, MTB—now a subsidiary of the Swiss-based MKS PAMP GROUP—is recognized for setting the highest standards in corporate and social responsibility in the industry.

Our History

2 What We Do

MTB provides high quality products as well as a wide range of services to institutions seeking a secure foundation for a diversified portfolio. Among MTB’s esteemed clientele are global financial institutions, retail dealers, as well the world’s largest sovereign and private mints. Experts in the field of numismatics for over 60 years, MTB is also a leading dealer in international currencies, including high-value collectible gold coins and legal tender bullion.

As the only authorized supplier of PAMP products in North American, MTB also offers the highest quality investment bars. PAMP, the industry leader in anti-counterfeiting technology, operates its state-of-the-art precious metals refinery and fabrication facility in Ticino, Switzerland. Rated as Good Delivery, the bars produced by PAMP meet a stringent set of specific criteria in regard to dimensions, appearance and purity. This rare distinction is assessed by the world’s two preeminent trade associations: the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM).

Our History

3 Our History

Manfra, Tordella, and Brookes was the first of its kind in the production of precious metals coins, and the firm remains one of the biggest names in numismatics in the United States. Founded in 1957, MTB first dealt in rare coins, currencies and international payments before moving into the gold business in 1974. Joining forces with the MKS PAMP GROUP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux) in 2000, the company is now part of a worldwide presence that has a team of 650 in key markets across five continents.

Our History

4 Sustainability

Every measure is taken to ensure that all facets of MTB’s operations are held to the strictest of standards with regard to sustainability in the precious metals industry. Besides a flawless record of compliance to all governing guidelines and laws, MTB also sets the benchmark for environmental responsibility and equitable labor practices. MTB’s dedication to this endeavor reflects the company’s intrinsic values of accuracy, fair dealing and integrity.

Our History

5 Our Team

MTB prides itself on having a talented leadership team with in-depth knowledge of the precious metals industry as a whole, and the business expertise to keep MTB in peak form in all future endeavors. Below are a few of the individuals who help guide the success of MTB on a daily basis:

Scott Spitzer – Chief Executive Officer
Arriving at MTB following key leadership positions at global corporations like Bowne & Company, the Kay Corporation and the U.S. Surgical Corporation, Spitzer brought a breadth of knowledge with him, first acting as MTB’s Chief Operating Officer and now its CEO. As one of the most highly regarded ambassadors for the numismatics industry, he was appointed in 2018 as president of the newly formed non-profit, the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, by the board members of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Roy Friedman – President
Friedman began his career as an assistant on the COMEX exchange, but soon became a highly successful trader himself, further being recruited to develop a global precious metals and foreign exchange department for the London Metal Exchange. He also held several senior executive positions at leading precious metals companies in the US before joining MTB in 2015.

Kevin Connell – Chief Operating Officer
With a background in both the base and precious metals markets, Connell came to MTB in 2016 with a keen eye for financials in this unique industry. Overseeing the accounting, finance and IT teams, implementing and securing MTB’s trading and logistics platforms and streamlining operational processes in all facets of the company, Connell, who worked for J.P. Morgan Metals & Concentrates for seven years and then continued with Freepoint Commodities for another five, also acts a liaison with our MKS PAMP partners across the globe.

Our History


The MKS PAMP GROUP, which acquired Manfra, Tordella & Brookes in 2000, is an industrial and trading services group that specializes in all aspects of precious metals. This family business was established in Switzerland in 1979 and now serves producers, users and traders worldwide. The MKS PAMP GROUP is comprised of four brands, with 14 offices across 12 countries. The portfolio consists of an industrial arm with 2 refineries (PAMP & MMTC-PAMP), a trading arm (MKS (Switzerland) SA) and a bullion distributor (MTB).