What we do

1 Trading and Marketing

MTB and MKS PAMP provide options for all precious metals trading: financial, physical, and electronic. Between its four brands, the group is present on every major exchange.

With subsidiaries and offices in leading bullion trading centers worldwide, the group provides round-the-clock monitoring of all precious metals against a wide range of currencies. Competitive pricing, liquidity and timely trade execution for spot, forward and swap transactions are also key factors that contribute to MTB’s high industry ranking.

Partnered with two Good Delivery refineries with LPPM and LBMA accreditations, MTB has a distinct advantage over its competitors in the physical precious metals market. The company also offers its Web Trading Application (WTA) for online trading of precious metals. Users of this proprietary program have a dedicated 24-hour IT support team to contact with any questions while securely logging in to access the precious metals market. Institutional clients—who already benefit from MTB’s tailored risk management and hedging strategies— may also use the group’s API-streaming solutions to provide this service to their own customers. Please contact us to learn more.

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2 Inventory Management

MTB has a highly secure system of tracking inventory. As a result, we are able to offer a number of options for financing purchases.

  • Consignment: Short-term consignments can be made for customers who want to deal in precious metals bar and coin stocks, whether it’s at pre-approved client facilities or at secure third-party premises. Terms are provided based on location, duration, size and product type.
  • Secured Loan: Short-term financing of physical inventory can be provided against a recognized form of security, including bank guarantees, a lien or pledge over an acceptable physical asset, and Stand-By letters of credit (SBLC).
  • Credit: As part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, MTB can supply physical precious metals against receipt of a letter of credit by an approved bank. This service is available in multiple currencies.

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3 Vaulting / Storage

The MTB vault is designated as an official CME Depository, specifically designed to be utilized for the storage of gold, platinum and palladium. It sits at a deliverable location in midtown Manhattan and is secured by COMEX/NYMEX contracts. This fully insured, heavily guarded facility is equipped with the most advanced security technology, and clients entrusting their holdings with MTB are each provided with an individually assigned cage within.

For those outside North America, the MKS PAMP GROUP offers vaulting and storage services in Switzerland and Asia. These industry-leading facilities, located in major bullion centers close to international airports, meet the same level of scrutiny, and allow for the swift movement of materials by leading security firms.

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4 Numismatics

In addition to being North America’s preeminent dealer of precious metals, MTB is also an esteemed purveyor of rare numismatic and semi-numismatic coins. Included in its museum-quality collection are pre-1933 Eagle, Indian, Liberty and Saint Gauden U.S. gold coins as well as English, French, Italian and Swiss coins from the 18th and 19th centuries. For inquiries, please contact us.

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5 Custom Minting

Our group’s precious metals refinery and fabrication facility in Switzerland provide a broad range of minting techniques for custom products. Among the many options available are gold and bi-metal plating, frosted, satin or high-polish finishing, gem-set variations, hologram or precision color application, and artistic tarnishing finish. The skilled team at PAMP is also available to consult with on which enhancements best suit a client’s needs and aesthetics. Please contact us for more information or visit

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Whether PAMP’s precious metals products are purchased directly from MTB or from an authorized dealer, it is imperative that MTB’s investors, whether individual or commercial, know with certainty that the items in their possession are authentic. To that end, and to foil even the most skilled of counterfeiters, PAMP developed a revolutionary verification system designed to be easily used by anyone who downloads our VERISCAN™ iPhone app or has access to an office scanner. How does it work? Each precious metals product contains unique topography characteristics that cannot be seen by the naked eye and are impossible to replicate. PAMP’s patented technology utilizes these microscopic distinctions to determine each product’s authenticity. Its production history can be traced and its serial number verified quickly and accurately. To learn more about this breakthrough technology that is exclusive to the PAMP brand, please contact us or visit